Hi, I’m Teresa Young and welcome to my blog, Hey Pretty U. I’m truly excited for you to be here and I’d love to learn more about you.

In the mean time, here’s why I started HeyPrettyU.com

First, because I believe today’s modern woman can be both a “Lady Boss” – a strong, diverse, steadfast woman who is on the cutting edge of business and entrepreneurship . . .

HPU Lady Boss



AND . . . “A Guardian of Tradition, Character and Support” that breeds life into a home and its family.








Second, because we are all perfectly imperfect. Pretty isn’t about being cute, beautiful or sexy, but strong, fearless and motivated. Tell yourself, I may not be perfect but I’m pretty damn good.

It’s also about how one feels inside. You mustn’t feel like you need to be perfect in everything that you do. I see media stress perfection and beauty in ways that I don’t feel resonate with the bigger picture of a woman.

As long as a woman strives to be her absolute personal best in ALL aspects of her life, that right there is PRETTY.

Pretty darn good; Pretty darn raw; Pretty darn beautiful; Pretty darn awesome!

To that I say, Hey Pretty U celebrates three core components of a woman:


The New Modern Woman

With the emergence of a more independent, entrepreneurial woman, we have had to choose between being the badass or forgoing that journey and being the homemaker. Much of this is due to the changing landscape of society creating this gap between one choice or the other.

However, I believe in balance. I believe that the very essence of a woman, and what makes her so great is breathing life into traditional endeavors while defining her own journey.


When a woman creates (a company, an idea, a brand, a blog, etc.), her mindset elevates. It’s stimulated and becomes even more balanced because the mind is like any other muscle – exercise it and it will become even more powerful.

And while it’s easy for a powerful mind to continue growing one’s own ventures, it should also be considered towards one’s traditions. This is part of what HeyPrettyU.com is about – Defining today’s NEW modern woman; A balance of both the entrepreneurial creator and the traditional value maker (protector).


A No Excuses Lifestyle

People often ask me, how do I fit everything into my day. My family comes first, but I’m devoted to the gym, my businesses, my hobbies, my health and my husband.

The truth is, you can’t make excuses in your life. Making excuses will only allow you to not make an effort at doing what needs to be accomplished, thus causing a build up of anxiety or exhaustion. You have to make it happen and apply effort. You’ve got to be ready to take on your day with purpose.

When I hear women say, “Well, that’s just not me . . .” or “I can’t do that cause . . .” or “I don’t cook cause . . .”, I get frustrated. Those are excuses. I’m not saying that you have to do what society says you should. No, not at all. What I am saying is that you can’t be a woman of value if you don’t just handle situations selflessly. You have to come outside your comfort zone and give, discover and create to the bigger picture.

Ultimately, it’s about being grateful for the ability to get up each day and live it on purpose. Be grateful to have a family you can support and help out with. That’s a blessing, not a hinder. And if you don’t have a family yet, be the kind of woman that any man would be proud to trust his life and family with. Be so well-rounded that you are a contributor to all aspects of life, personal and professional.



Fulfilling a Purpose That Gives You a Whole Identity

I believe in creating. I believe that in order to feel complete, you have to be in tune with your own identity.

In short, we’re here for another reason; a purpose – You have to ask yourself why, as well as what is your why? Did I accomplish everything that was intended of me that day? Did I behave in the best possible version of myself?

The rest is in the details.

Details like working out – It’s the one thing that I try to accomplish every mornig because it gives me the strength and endurance to last throughout my day. Without it, I’m exhausted and tired. I need that 30 minutes to an hour to give to myself. That gives me strength. That gives me motivation to take care of everyone else throughout the day.

Details like checking my thoughts daily – You have to. You can’t be so quick to react because that’s not what it’s about. You have to remove your ego and check your thoughts. You have to take a step back and look at how many blessings you have. You have to be responsible for a positive perspective.

You have to play for high stakes. You have to treat everything at the highest level.

You have the power to be anything that you want to, and it starts by focusing on the solution, not the problems in your life.

It all comes down to the fact that only you can own you and be responsible to change your circumstances; change your positions; change your outcomes. We all have the power to so and it starts by representing that and fulfilling your whole identity.

So every morning when you wake up, may our #PrettyMovement influence you.

May you hear our voice say,


Hey Pretty, Get Your Ass Up & Conquer the Day.


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