16 Ways to Wear Your Halo Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, length, thickness or any combination.  Here’s a great video that highlights 16 different trendy ways to wear your hair in ONLY 5 MINUTES!  P.S. if you’re into the new hair braid trend, Halo’s are phenomenal for braids & this video by HaloCouture shows a few short examples in the video that can get you thinking.

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Current Hair Trends perfect for wearing your Halo


Video Highlights

(02:48) – 4 options with “The Fall” top hair piece

(03:52) – Ponytail options

The Halo pieces that the model in the video is wearing:

  • Looks 1-8:  16′ layered halo #F622
  • Look 9-12: The Fall #F622
  • Looks 13-16: The Ponytail #F622

Halo hair extensions are my favorite because they do not have permanent attachment sites and therefore, do not do any damage to your hair.  In over 20 years of experience, I have not found a better brand than HaloCouture and a better option than the Halo.  I personally wear them almost daily, and will change up which kind and type based on the occasion.

Halo’s must be purchased through a certified hair stylist.

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and questions and tag me in your photos – I want to see how YOU wear your halo!

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