Keep Losing Lashes? Here Are 4 Quick Reasons Why

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How to Maintain your Eyelash Extensions

We all want natural Kardashian lashes but we want them to last too!  Eyelash extensions are an awesome option to keep your stylish look when you have a busy schedule.


  1. Your Naturals Matter

  • Communicating your lash goals with your technician is important.
  • Keep in mind that you will want to closely match the shape, curl and size of your natural lashes.
  • This will help them adhere better and stay longer.

If you are naturally a straight-lashed lady (as we call them), don’t be afraid to amp it up the day after getting your extensions. Apply some heat! Heated eyelash curlers can be used.  Use with caution:  only if you want to add some curl!  Here’s a great link for the top 5 best curlers:


Best Eyelash Curlers Eyelash Extensions Heated Curler HeyPrettyU PrettyMovement



  1. Are you easy on the eyes?


Eyelash extension are every day, so for a night out on the town you may want added drama! But let’s not regret it!

  • Avoid any waterproof makeup  (it’s hard to remove, making them tougher on your lashes).
  • When you remove your makeup be sure you use an OIL FREE makeup remover or even a low-alkalinity face wash (Cetaphil is an easy go to).
  • Ask your aesthetician about what they recommend or try Blink.  Blink is a very mild option and makes it easy for you with their make-up remover pads 

Blink Make Up Remover Pads Eyelash Extension Blink Lashes HeyPrettyU PrettyMovement



  1. Dont hit snooze!!!


First thing you wanna do in the morning is brush and prime!!

  1. Using a clean dry eyelash wand
  2. Start by brushing down and then upward on your lashes, a technique similar to applying mascara.
  3. If you’re applying makeup, use your sealant after to clean off any excess makeup fallout on your lashes.


Get your lashes ready for the day: protect them!


  • Use a good sealant.  It will help save your lashes from humidity, oils, water, pollution, or whatever elements you’ll run into.
  • Find a primer that will hydrate your natural lashes.  This will help to adhere the extensions for a longer life span.
  • Sealants come in clear and black, so if you want an extra tint snag a black!        

Hey Pretty U Eyelash extensions sealant


  1. Touch and Feel

Oh, you better not!! Touching your lashes are great way to lose them.  Touch too much and it will cause the lashes to peel apart from your naturals and fall out prematurely.    

Your sleep position will affect them, too.

Try sleeping on your back as best you can.  This way when your snoozin, your pillow won’t rub against them.

I know, bad news for all you stomach sleepers, right? Well, maybe not! These rounded sleep masks are a big hit. The lightweight molded foam eye mask allows you to blink freely and get your beauty sleep while blocking out any light. 

Hey Pretty U Rest Sleep Eyelash

Disclaimer: This not a sponsored article. The Hey Pretty U is a team of individuals all looking to spread some knowledge on how you can be the best unashamed you.


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