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Hi, I’m Teresa Young, Hey Pretty U Founder.    I believe life is about connecting with people and supporting each other.  If this website, or any of my social media meant anything to you, or helped you in some way, I’d LOVE to hear from you!

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I believe that as long as a woman strives to be PRETTY, the rest will fall in place where it belongs.
Pretty Strong.  Pretty Fearless.  And Pretty motivated.

Read more about my inspiration behind Hey Pretty U on my ABOUT page!

We are on a mission to create a place where people connect.  Life can be brutal sometimes, I needed a place where women can come together and, like a redwood forest, intertwine our roots so that we can stand strong against the trails of life.  We want to inspire you every morning when you wake up… remind you that the #PrettyMovement is an every day choice to live on purpose and live positively.  Now go be U!

Pretty real; Pretty humble; Pretty U!

Oh, and I’m totally open to awesome ideas & collabs!

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Call or text me here: 602-214-1866
Email me here:
Or find me on Instagram: @HeyPrettyU
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