3 Best Hair Extensions For Length, Fullness & Body

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I’ve been in hair for over 20 years, and of everything I’ve seen & tried, here are my 3 favorites!   These are the best hair extensions for length and fullness, and will cause the least damage – especially if you rotate them.  Share with me what you use, love, hate below in a comment or on my instagram at @HeyPrettyU!


My 3 Favorite Hair Extensions for adding Length, Volume & Beauty to your Hair



Video Highlights

(00:20) – About Me

(00:30) – 3 Favorite Extensions:  NBR (Natural Beaded Row), Sew In, Halo

(00:53) – Natural Breaded Row – NBR

(01:10) – Sew In Hair Extensions

(01:50) – Halo Hair Extensions by Halo Couture


There are plenty of other types of hair extensions, and many of them are good, but these are the best, to achieve the above mentioned goals.  Everyone defines beauty differently.  Your extension choices should be dependent upon your immediate and longer term goals.  Add thickness to your hair by layers these methods.   You can add a HALO in while also wearing others.  You can even add a halo to another halo to big bodied hair.


Have you every tried extensions?  Which ones are your favorite?

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