7 Tips for Goal-Setting: How to Get From Idea to Solution

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Anyone can fall asleep and have a dream. Only those willing to create a plan of attack and PUT IN THE WORK will see their goals comes to fruition.

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Do you have a health goal?
Are you aiming for business goal?
Trying to get those grades you need for the college you want to get into?

I know – getting motivated and staying motivated can be really hard.

The difference between a dream and a vision is that a vision has a plan…

there’s a playbook of actionable steps! The good news is that you can turn your DREAM into a reality by using these tools!


  1. Decide – what is the 1 thing to achieve.   Pick one and be specific.
  2. Tell someone – stay accountable
  3. Make it measurable “get more business” isn’t enough; “Gain 3 new customers” is!
  4. Break it down: create “milestones” that you can achieve along the way
  5. Take “consistent and persistent massive action” { @matt_mayberry in his article on Goal Achieving}
  6. Celebrate the wins along the way (with those who will keep pushing you)
  7. Take assessment every-so-often and make sure you’re headed in the right direction

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I know that setting goals and motivating yourself to achieve those goals is sometimes hard.  Check out my article on 3 Ways to Change your Mindset HERE.

Now go get a notebook and get started.    Comment below and let us know what your goal is. Check back in and let us know how you’re doing!   If you don’t want to comment here – FIND US ON INSTAGRAM!

You have what it takes. Don’t forget to stay humble. Know when to ask for help & forget perfection – work for positive progress!

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Stay Pretty
 Chels – @cimforgiven!

Chelsea is a bundle of energy! With a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Arizona State, Chelsea is the founder & Chief Operating Officer of Dygert ConsultMent, a Social Media Marketing & Consulting company focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs translate their value to the community. Chelsea can often be easily spotted in the room as the one with the crazy shoes or the wild hair. She loves a good challenge, breaking old stereotypes, hearing about impossible ideas, lipstick & quad-shot lattes.

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