HOW TO Change Your Attitude: 3 Ways to Adjust your Perspective

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The most successful people will tell you that seeing opportunity, seeing success and seeing happiness are all about the lenses you look through.

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The difference between seeing a closed door and a window of opportunity, is the part of the door you’re focusing on: the fact that it’s closed, or the fact that it’s see through.


Seeing happiness, joy or beauty is no different.  

Beauty takes humility.  Seeing beauty takes humility.  Acknowledging beauty takes patience.  It requires us to recognize that pretty doesn’t always come in a package wrapped in a bow.  Sometimes it presents itself when we have the least time to pay it any mind.  But that is just the lesson.  We must create enough MARGIN in our life that we give ourselves time to enjoy the live we’re given.  If we cannot see beauty in the hard times, the difficult situations and the intense experiences, then do we really deserve to embody beauty when the road is smooth.

Success is in creating daily habits to help us change the way we see things.

  • Schedule 15 minutes in your day to sit in a quiet place and reflect
  • Do no other activity in those 15 minutes except gives thanks
  • Take inventory.  Write a few sentences every morning when you wake up about how you feel.  Write another entry about how you feel AFTER you reflect.  
  • Has anything changed?  Feel free to report back to us and share your findings.

You will find the pretty in things when you begin looking for the pretty in things.

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Thankful to @LaurenEspjo (via instagram) for sharing this great quote & providing us inspiration to stay humble and seek the beauty.

P.S. – Changing your mindset doesn’t mean losing the real you in the process. It means accepting who you want to become yet staying true to who you really are.


Stay Pretty

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